My need to live life fully and not halfway has taken me on multible
adventures and given me plenty of expansion. The challenging moments
provided me with learning tools for you and me which
allow life to flow in alighnment with our true essence.

Within my journey, different paths lead to one same direction which is: US,
which is Home, which is Expansion of Consciousness and this feels so
Allow me to be joined by your holistic being and connect our minds, body
emotions and energy progressively and revolutionary using your inner love
with tender care to get the work done.

“Be the muse that inspires you”

Dea Cosmos is an international community of sisters joined in 2020
responding to the need of re-connection with women´s inner power, to
heal, transform and manifest our reality.
The Deep connection expertise of Marin San Martín guides all souls all
backgrounds in self healing aiming to free these from past trauma and
patterns, in preparation of a journey of Deep connection in alignment with
each one´s authenticity. This connection is connection with all and

It all starts with in, as we go deep in our selves we start to dismantle patterns and programing that has been stopping us from our true essence and that is where connection relies: where we fully understand who we are and not who we are “suppose to be”. Connecting  all the way with our inner child  to the current adult that we are in order to manifest a life that is in true alignment with our selves.

Once we are connected to us we connect deeper with our family, our partners, our relationships, nature and energy in true flow.