Visual Arts

Master graduated from Cinematography at MET film school London, Marin has developed as an artist her unique esthetics with topics such as:  The underwaterworld, Water performance ,Feminine energy, embodiment, holistic sexuality, conscious path and the connection between the spiritual and phisical.

World citizen, Marin is dedicated to travel the globe, keep
training and documenting her empirical, anthropological and spiritual
learning experiences.

Making catharsis through her images, Marin seeks to transmit the true essence of every project, connecting to their main intention beyond the “obvious”.

Her work is dedicated to the mantra of Conscious Productions and
specializes in experimenting with different fields: Underwater; Areal;
Video Dancing; Experimental Art; Spiritual Ceremonies and Retreats;
Music Videos; and Documentaries.

Her work is dictated by the mantra of: Conscious Productions and specializes on experimenting in different fields such as:  Underwater, areal, Video dancing, experimental art, spiritual ceremonies/retreats, music videos, documentary , among others.

The main intention of every project: Expanding Consciousness.

As an international filmmaker Marina has worked in different countries such as Mexico, England, South Africa, USA, Portugal, Thailand, India and Iceland, among others; working in documentaries, films, commercials, features,
photoshoots and publicity , from pre production, production to postproduction.

Her Films and has been presented in Film Festivals including the Cannes Film
Festival, Rio de Janerio Alternative media Festival and her Art Prints have been exposed in multiple galleries like: Fundación Sebastián, Art 58, London Galery of alternative art and art fairs like BADA Buenos Aires .